Who is Charles Ogle?

I was born in the year of 1931, and received the name of Charles Lindberg Ogle. My Father was a builder of small to large residential homes; and, by the time I was able to pick up a shovel, saw or hammer I was put to work helping him. However, schooling interfered with a lot of my helping, but Father felt that an education was quite important—so it was school and then help.  

I developed a love for building and all manner of construction; especially, the design of the building…I loved to see a stack of wood and other material turn into a beautiful home. I had heard that in order to become successful in design and building new homes I would have to have a degree in Architecture.

However, at the time and place Architectural colleges were far away and expensive. I had a sister that lived all the way across country in Eugene, Oregon; and, she informed me that there was an excellent Architectural school just a few blocks from where she lived; and, if I was a veteran I could live with her and go to school under the “GI Bill.”

So, I continued to go to school and help my Father whenever I could until my 17th birthday. At that time my Father agreed to sign the papers for me to enlist in the U S Marines Corps at an early age. So, I served faithfully for four years and receive an honorable discharge with benefits to cover the cost of schooling. Immediately after being discharged I bought a new car and drove to Eugene, Oregon and started living with my sister.

After a short period I was able to enroll in the University of Oregon’s Architectural school. While I was there I received a lot of help in the art of design and construction; also, at that time, because of my love for design and construction, I started building new homes and a family.

I met the woman I couldn’t get my mind off of; so, we were married and started raising a family of four boys and four girls.

Ever since that time I have been involved in the design of homes, apartments, subdivisions and all types of real estate ventures.

With all the time consuming activities I was able, early on—1960 to obtain a commercial pilot’s license so that I could fly investors around and show them, what I felt, was good land investments. Also, I managed to obtain a real estate broker’s license so that I could own and operate a real estate office along with my builder’s office. Just to inject the names and businesses I have operated under is as follows: Charles Ogle Homes, Trendsetter Homes, First City Development and Masterbuilt Estate Homes, Inc. I operated as Masterbuilt Estate Homes in the State of Washington for 15 years…designing and building mostly high end homes. Some of the homes can be seen at my new website: Fivestarhomedesigns.com.

Recently, I closed Masterbuilt Estate Homes, retired and moved to Utah.

Now, with the love of design and building new homes, I feel that I must continue to be involved in that profession; so, I have started to operate under the name of Five Star Home Designs. (FiveStarHomeDesigns.com)

I refuse to become involved as much as before, but I will enjoy keeping myself busy watching piles of materials change into a beautiful building; and, watching the smiles and happy faces of the people I work for…happy as they watch and see their dreams of a new home come true.